Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's bugging Cowboy?

There was a vote a couple of years ago to allow gay marriage.  I never once heard a really good argument against it, yet it failed.  There's only so many places you can be on this issue.  Let's review, shall we?

1. You're gay, so you're for it.  Simple enough.

2. You don't care.  Probably an enlightened heterosexual (or metrasexual) who, like me, is yet to hear an argument against it that doesn't involve invoking the Christian bible or God.

3. You're against it.  This is the one that interests me, why would somebody be against this?  The obvious one, and the only one I heard during the debate was "God hates homos".  Eloquent enough, but what about separation of church and state?  Are we still basing laws on the bible?  While we're at it let's throw all the damn heathen Atheists, Hindus, Taoists, and whatnot out of the country.  Being decidedly non-Christian since that whole cult ordeal, I'm going to have to reject that argument.  Plus, I'm a bit more tolerant than that by nature. 

I can understand the Christians feeling that gay marriage is wrong and has no place in their religion.  Don't allow gay marriages in your church.  See?  You have every right to do that.  Do you really have a right to force tenants from your religion on the rest of the country? 

My problem is, I don't see why it should be illegal.  If you've got a good reason and can state it without using the words "God" or "Bible", fire away.  It's kindof like the whole marijuana debate.  Why exactly is it illegal?  What makes it worse than say alcohol?  We seem to have a whole series of "immoral" laws, making illegal things that would only hurt yourself if you were to do them.  The only justification seems to be that it's immoral, according to some religion or another. 

Here's what should be illegal, but isn't:

1. Six hour miniseries with no denouement.  What the hell, Tin Man?  I haven't seen anything end so abruptly since Rosemary's baby.

2. Driver's licenses for idiots.  I know you heard there's going to be ice, but the weatherman was wrong.  There's no ice on the road, so you don't need to drive really really really slow in preparation.  I need to get to work today, dammit!

3. Hillary Clinton for president.  I have no problem with a woman president, just her.  We've had enough Bushes and Clintons.  How about Mary Carey?  Just imagine what she could do for foreign policy!

4. $3/gal. for gas.  What the hell?  What.... the.... hell?

5. Spell checkers that don't know the word "dammit".  Dammit!

6. My continual rants.  Who really wants to hear this crap?  Peace out!

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