Friday, January 11, 2008

I love comments

Maintaining a blog is always an interesting experience.  For the most part I don't get many comments, but I received two today.  I found them both fascinating, enough so to comment on them here. 

In response to my post Tao of the Cowboy, "tao" posted the following:

All judgement is immoral and all effort to change somebody is destructive and violent. And that's what cults and churches have been doing up to now. That's why Lao Tzu is incomparable, unique, unsurpassed before and after. His vision is the ultimate vision of spontaneity, suchness, nature. If you understand him your life will start moving in a totally different rhythm. You will become a non-interference, WU-WEI. And only when you don't interfere in another's life do you respect life that's what reverence of life is all about.

That's what I'm talking about.  I'm guessing this is a real Taoist here, not a stupid poser like me.  Thank you for the comment.  It's stuff like this that makes my time here worth while.

Then there's the next one.  "henry rollins is an idiot like you" left this amazingly insightful narrative in response to my post Henry Rollins for President:

Christ, you're a fucking idiot

Right on both counts.  You're very observant.  One might even think you had read the name of the blog.  Thank you for several consecutive minutes of unrestrained mirth.  Or, in words you might understand better: LOL.

I had to share the irony that I only received two comments, and they came from opposite ends of the intellectual spectrum.  Keep 'em comin' guys.