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Help! Help! I’m being Repressed!

There’s been some noise around the interwebs recently about how oppressed white men are.  Who knew? I’m under the thumb of The Man (or rather The Woman I suppose) and nobody told me. It’s all out there in The Manosphere.

I’ve actually kept kindof quiet about the recent Richard Dawkins flap, but it seems to me a lot of people blew a few passing comments out of proportion. I actually literally laughed out loud when Mr. Deity mentioned how they threw Richard Dawkins under the bus.

I think I’ll just sum the whole thing up here: Guys, don’t be dicks.

I find it personally disappointing when we devolve into this kind of blame game so and so is bad and so and so is wrong. Makes us look like politicians. Issues that are important to me include the quality of American education (including keeping religion out of schools and teaching real science), fair pay, jobs, and care for the underprivileged at home (which is vehemently opposed by the religious right, otherwise known as Republicans), and human rights violations around the world and at home (most of which occur in the name of God).

It occurred to me at some point that most of the issues I care about are caused by or exploited by religion in some fashion, and I threw my lot in with the Atheists. Rebecca Watson was right to speak out on her issue. It matters to her and she raised awareness of it. Her audience is quite a bit larger than mine, so she’s succeeded admirably. Meanwhile I’ve lost nearly everything in a fight to protect my children from fundamentalism. It has truly cost me dearly. That’s why I don’t disagree with Dawkins either: certain issues are just a little bit more important to my life at the moment. When I’ve finished deprogramming my children and teaching them to appreciate the world as it is and not how some ancient goat herders wants it to be, I’ll make sure I cover jerks propositioning women in elevators too. I can’t wait until the day when that’s what I have to be worried about.

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All you really need to know about Politics

Via Pharyngula. Best summation of the American political environment EVAR.

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Should math be taught in schools?

Recently all Miss USA candidates were asked if evolution should be taught in schools. 

The actual answers. Watch at your own peril.

The answers were varied, and most overwhelmingly indicated that they did not personally believe evolution. That’s an appalling statement on American education and the iron grip the religious right holds over our country.  While there were a couple of definite “yes” answers, many “yes” answers were of the variety “well we should teach both sides”. It’s such an appalling state that so many believe there’s “two sides”.  If we teach whatever anybody believes, we must also include creation stories from Hinduism, Daosim, Pastafarianism, Raelianism, and so on.  It’s not just evolution and the Abrahamic faiths.  Evolution differs from all of the creation stories in one important respect: It has evidence.  It’s science. It’s not faith based. We should not teach religion in schools, but we should teach science. Creationism in all it’s varied forms (including Intelligent Design) is RELIGION. Period.

Consider this from another angle: what if the question was “Should we teach Math in schools?”

I think we should teach both sides: Math and … um, not-math.

If rap was more like this, I would listen to it more often

Yep, this about sums it all up

Why Michelle Bachman as a presidential candidate may not be as absurd as you would think.

Carl Sagan was a Mormon?!?

In some random internet surfing I ran across this:

The Mormons have a habit of posthumously baptizing famous people into the Mormon religion. Some of them are really amusing. This site has listed some of the more interesting names, including:

Carl Sagan,
Groucho Marx,
Alexander the Great,
George Carlin,
Frank Zappa,
George Orwell,
Jack Ruby,
Bing Crosby,
Joey Ramone,
Betty Page,
Buddy Ebsen,
Fred Rogers,
Shemp Howard,
Steve McQueen,
Lee Harvey Oswald,
Karen Carpenter,
Earnest Hemingway,
Babe Ruth,
Wolfman Jack,
John F. Kennedy,
Joan of Arc,
Timothy Leary,
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,
Oral Roberts,
John Candy,
Pope John Paul II,
King Arthur,
Hunter S. Thompson,
Karl Marx,
Sam Kinison,
Andre the Giant,
Malcolm X,
James Dean,
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz,
Jimmy Hoffa,
Johnny Cash,
Vlad the Impaler (better known as Count Dracula),
Attila the Hun,
Sid Vicous and Nancy Spungen,
Candy Barr (famous stripper),
and Anna Nicole Smith

just to name some of the more amusing ones.