Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Truth about Health Care

Dear friends, as I've become extremely busy over the last few months I'm afraid I've been neglecting my blog.  In the interest of maintaining compelling content, I've invited my first guest blogger.  I present the esteemed Mr. Richard Head. --Cowboy

"Health Care Reform".  Have you ever heard three more frightening words put together?  Why do the Democrats feel that they must shove Government-Run Health Care down our throats?  Folks, I'm here to tell you the frightening truth about the Democrats and their evil plan for World Domination.  That's right, World Domination.  You might think this is just about the Democrats making a fast buck by preying on your sickness, but the sad truth is that it goes far… far further than that. 

Mr. Obama, or should I call him Mr. SATAN!!!!, has every intention of dismantling the beautiful heath care system our loving benefactors at the Insurance Companies have lovingly put together for us out of the goodness of their hears.  He wants to destroy that.  He'll force you to stand in long lines just to be seen by a doctor, and at the end of that line, you'll be denied care, or you'll be forced to pay outrageous sums for even being seen.  It's true, this is what they have planned.  The elderly will just simply be euthanized.  That's a pretty way of saying MURDERED!!!! 

It's TRUE!!! Mr. Obama wants to murder your grandparents!  If you don't oppose this bill, you'll have to explain to your children why you let the evil Democrats murder Granny and Pappy.  Your children will be brought before the Death Boards, and there they will be judged whether or not they will be fit to live.  So will you, for that matter.  And if you're white, It doesn't look good for you.  It's right there in the bill on page 666, appropriately enough.  They'll force unwed mothers to get abortions.  They'll force wed mothers to get abortions.  They'll force you into homosexual and lesbian marriages.  And to pay for it you'll be forced to give them the password to your bank account.  After that happens, they'll drain your account to settle your bill, which should reach an appropriate portion of the national deficit.  Now you know the real reason behind the Stimulus Bill.  It's not about "saving the economy", an economy they destroyed in the first place, it's to drive up the national debt so high that they can justify the outrageous amounts they're going to charge you at the hospital after they get done slaughtering the rest of your family.  But they wont' take responsibility, all they say is "Bush spent 10 billion a month in Iraq!"  Like defending freedom had anything to do with it!  The unmitigated gall!  And they'll brand the number 666 on your forehead, "for quick processing next time" they'll say. 

The Health Insurance companies want to stop this madness.  We're your friends!  We've already managed to save you from the nightmare of free universal heath care like the fascists in Europe have to contend with, we only have to defeat the mandatory public "option" they want to force you into.  We want to give you the health care you deserve.  We don't want to get between your doctor and you the way the Democrats do, we want to make sure your every need is taken care of.  Don't let the Democrats destroy democracy!  Oppose Health Care reform everywhere!  Make sure you listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh for details on how to debate the evil Democrats, they've read the bill so you don't have to.  Don't worry, it's all taken care of!   Just say "NO" to Pinko Commie Heath Care!