Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dear blogger, good bye. Also, Fuck you.

I started this blog many years ago at blogger when it was an independent site. It got bought by google, which complicated shit. But that was ok, because it worked. Like many serious bloggers, I used Windows Live Writer for writing my blog posts. Things came and went, and my blog started to collect some dust.

I got inspired for the first time in months to write a blog post tonight. I spent a lot of time writing it, and I was pretty proud of the result. Then I went to go post it. And blogger flipped me the finger.

So I spent equally as much time trying to figure out why I could no longer post to my blog. Turns out that the mighty Google, in their infinite wisdom, shut off all authentication mechanisms except OAuth, which basically broke fucking everything. And they really don't fucking care.

So after investing a good deal of the night trying to figure out how to continue to post to Blogger from WLW, I finally decided to replace the faulty mechanism in the process.

I've moved my entire blog, including my missing new post, to WordPress. The new URL is (which is great because I haven't been a Taoist for a long time)

I apologize if anything is missing, and I'm still playing with the layout because I don't like it yet. But on the plus side it works with WLW just great. Please follow me there, both of you my dear readers.

Thanks for all the memories Blogger, and fuck you for destroying my blog.

I really ought to just buy my own fucking domain already.