Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last time I talked to God he put me on hold.

My aunt had a stroke today, and will probably never recover.  Death is hard to deal with, and I've dealt with death more than I really should have had to, but something like this is so much worse.  I watched this same thing happen to my grandmother, and it was brutal.  She was there, but she was trapped in a shell of a body she could no longer control.  It must be what being buried alive feels like, except for the asphyxiation part. 

I'm not a religious person.  I had a falling out with Christianity after the whole cult ordeal, but I'm not atheist either.  I believe that in an infinitely complex universe there are powers and probably consciousnesses existing on a higher order plane than what our simple monkey minds can comprehend.  I've been rather fascinated with Taoism in recent years, and if I had to label myself as one "religion" or another, it would be that.  Taoism isn't really a religion in the western sense though, and that's part of why I like it. 

It's very comforting to believe that somehow those we love will continue to exist in some form or another after they die.  I hope it's true.  With my luck the Catholics will turn out to be right and the rest of us will burn in Hell like the Heathen Bastards we are.

Honestly, I don't know why I pick on the Catholics so much, they never did anything to me.  However the cult doesn't exist anymore, so it's kind of hard to find relevant jokes about them these days.  And the Pope bears a strong resemblance to Darth Sidious, which is just damn creepy.

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