Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Ballad of Tao Cowboy and the Wasps of Fire

I'm not much of a country music fan, but it just works if you imagine it as an old Johnny Cash song.

Well Cowboy had a job to do
He had to pack a box or two
'Cause Cowboy was a-movin out of town

As he sat packin' up compilers
C# books and games of violence
A shriek resounded all throughout the house

Little Cowboy saw a thing
that made men shake and children scream
and women go a-runnin for cans of Raid

A Mighty Wasp had come to call
He must've come out through the wall
or maybe he came out the fireplace

Cowboy saw the little ones cryin'
The Wasp all bluster was a-flyin
Laying claim to all the Downstairs den.

He had no fear this Wasp of Fable
Crawling all along the table
He conquered Wookies, Troopers, and Jedi too.

Yes action figures stood no chance
against the mighty Wasp's advance
And Cowboy knew just what he had to do.

He sent the children fast away
and when they were all hidden safe
He shuddered in fear from head to toe.

He grabbed the can of Raid and then
and went to battle, face set grim
And waited for the bug to settle down.

But Zod the Wasp had other plans
He charged at Cowboy coming fast
And Cowboy, pale,  ran away in fright.

But Cowboy wasn't giving up
He came back after throwing up
His will as strong as ever for what that's worth.

The Mighty Wasp lay on the floor dying
Apparently he'd found some poison
Cowboy nodded at his fallen foe.

He aimed the can at Zod and then
he bravely pulled the trigger and
Zod died in a flood of Industrial Chemicals.

But Cowboy's fight was far from over,
Six more warriors in the foyer
Came to avenge their fallen friend.

Cowboy fought them one by one
And ran away more than once
but cowardice won the day with help from Raid.

Cowboy took a yellow trash bag then
soaked the fireplace till nothing could live
he grabbed his duct tape and sealed up the breach.

But more mighty warriors found their way
into Cowboy's sacred place
And so he patched the big hole in the roof.

Yes Cowboy's evil landlord, laughing,
cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling
Apparently a Wasp Nest in the wall.

So Yellow Bags taped all over the place
Cowboy plans to evacuate
And like Sir Robin, bravely ran away!

Into the sunset y'all.  Good night!

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