Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jerry Falwell was Gay

I’ve realized something lately: there’s a lot of hatred towards homosexuals emanating from organized religion.  What usually seems to happen, based on recent events, is that some religious anti-gay crusader gets caught being gay.  Seems some anti-gay senator or another was recently caught with a rent-a-boy. 

I also remember some anti-gay comics on the same site with the racist tea-party comics.  i apologize for the lack of a link, I’m just too damn lazy to look it up.  Google “comics with problems”.  The dude that wrote it knew an awful lot about homosexual orgies, and he was quite graphic about it.  If you spend that much time thinking about gay orgies, you’re gay.

So here it is.  If you’re in a religion that teaches homosexuality is wrong, and you happen to be homosexual (sorry, it’s not a choice), you feel drawn towards homosexuality and conclude that it’s some kind of evil seductive force trying to make you “sin”.  So you go on a crusade to eradicate this evil from the world.  You have to believe that people choose to be homosexual, because if they just simply are, that sort of invalidates your whole religion. 

The truth is, we heterosexuals are not drawn to what you call the “gay lifestyle”.  I’m just simply not attracted to men.  It’s not a “sin” that’s out there tempting me.  If I was, I would say so.  I would almost certainly be a better dresser too.

In short, if you’re religious, and you hate homosexuals and crusade against the “gay lifestyle”, you’re gay.  Just admit it and save a whole lot of people a whole lot of trouble.  It’s not exactly a picnic for us heterosexuals who happen to think gay people are just simply gay and should be allowed to be so.  I imagine it pretty much sucks for them though.

I mean, really.  Jerry Falwell claimed Tinky Winky (of the Teletubbies) was gay and trying to seduce children to the “gay lifestyle”.  A) it was a magic bag, not a purse and B) gay people aren’t trying to make other people gay.  They really just want to be allowed to be gay themselves.  There’s no secret agenda to turn the nation’s children gay.  Sorry. 

Then he followed up with Spongebob.  Apparently his nose looked like a dildo to him.  Yeah, I suppose it might, if you’re obsessed with dildos.  I’m sorry, but if all you can see there is a dildo and its tempting you to have sex with other men, you’re gay. 

Then we get this guy, some district attorney who is harassing a high school class president who is gay because he’s gay.  Sorry, but so are you dude.  Get over it.

Then I saw another link from a guy claiming all the recent teen suicides over bullying was brought on by themselves.  So these kids chose to have a lifestyle that brought on that level of bullying?  Right.  Dude, you’re gay. Stop making life hell for those poor kids who, unlike you, are at least honest with themselves.

Just remember, next time you see a religious homophobe, he’s gay.

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