Sunday, September 23, 2007

Henry Rollins for President

That's right, I've made my choice for the 2008 election. He's perfect. He loves this country, and he has a no-bullshit attitude towards everything. And the fact that he's not actually running is like icing on the cake.

First I should probably explain my views on political candidates. Anybody (and I mean anybody) who runs for political office is not the sort of person we need in office. It's a time old paradox with no solution, except one. Draft politicians. That's right, throw out all the good ole' boys and institute a draft, getting normal everyday people to serve as the leaders of our country. It's not without flaws, I don't want to see Jim Bob Redneck serving as president any more than you do, but could it be any worse? I think he's already there.

It's not "Power Corrupts" but rather "Power attracts the Corruptible". In order to have honest politicians, we must have politicians who don't want to be politicians. In my life I've been a Democrat, a Republican, and I've finally arrived at the conclusion that they both disgust me. The two party system has to go, but the one thing holding it in place is the Electoral College. This antiquated system ensures that nobody will vote outside the two major parties. Ralph Nader doesn't stand a chance while this system is in place, and neither does anybody else. It served a purpose once, but it's no longer needed. The popular vote should decide now.

Since Henry Rollins is not running it proves that he's a good candidate, according to my theory. Not only that but the more you learn about this man the more you realize that he's more patriotic and loves this country more than the vast majority of us. He also sees things from a humanistic compassionate point of view. The fact that he's a punk rocker doesn't hurt either in my opionion. Now comes the hard part.

I've got roughly fourteen months to convince 51% of the country that he's the right choice for our next president. Where to start....

Digg would be a good place to start. I'll have to Digg my own post and hope that it catches on. I don't have the time or the energy to run a campaign for a candidate who isn't running, I have to hope that the grassroots movement catches wind of this and propels him to the White House. One can dream, eh? If you see this post and you agree with my assessment, help out and pass the word. It may be our way out from the long succession of bad choices we've had for the past several decades.


Restored comments:

henry rollins is an idiot like you said:

Christ, you're a fucking idiot

Nanette said:

I said this weeks ago - if I had to put together a perfect candidate, it would be Rollins. I am writing him in

The Cowboy said

Hey nanette, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately people don't seem to take me seriously when I say he should be president, nor did I really expect them to. I most likely will write him in as well, for what that's worth. I understand older people not wishing to vote outside of the established Washington norm, I'm surprised there's not more support for alternative candidates among the younger crowd though. What great change has come about without controversial actions? Voting a former punk-rocker in for president might be controversial, but I'd rather see Henry in the Oval Office than any "standard" candidate currently running. There's an unwritten rule that you have to vote Democrat or Republican, and you have to vote for those party's chosen candidates. I think that's bullcrap, and it's time we elected somebody outside the system. At any rate, thanks for posting something other than "Christ, you're a fucking idiot" :D

Anonymous said:

I went on-line tonight to see if anyone felt the same way I do. LOL

When was the last time the majority of Americans felt good about a candidate? Need a hint...look at how many people don't vote. Personally, I've always felt like I was stuck trying to decide between the lesser of two evils.

Sure, Rollins has done things in the past that the "moral majority" find distasteful or feel threatened by, but at least he won't be denying it or trotting out feeble defenses. An articulate and knowledgeable man, he certainly seems to be more conscious of the difference between right and wrong than the all of the present candidates combined.

I can't think of a person I'd rather see in the white house...and that's coming from a 40-something military veteran. Write in Rollins!!!

The Cowboy said

Hey Mr. Anonymous, that's awesome. I'm guessing Desert Storm based on age? I had several friends there.

"I've always felt like I was stuck trying to decide between the lesser of two evils." I think a lot of people feel like that. Personally it's been a long time since I voted for a candidate, rather than against one.

"An articulate and knowledgeable man, he certainly seems to be more conscious of the difference between right and wrong than the all of the present candidates combined."

I'm not so sure the candidates really have that much trouble telling right from wrong. If you look at the background of politicians, you'll find a lot of them started as lawyers. Lawyers, as part of their job, can cognitively disassociate themselves from their ability to judge right and wrong and recategorize things into "neccesary" and "unneccesary". Rollins, on the other hand calls things as he sees them. Politicians are experts at double talk, or the ability to answer a question without actually answering the question. Try it sometime. Watch a debate, and listed closely to the answer they give while judging the answer againt the criteria "did they actually answer the question?" You have to keep the original question in mind while evaluating their answer. Don't get caught up in whether or not you agree with what they're saying, just simply say "did they answer the question." The answer is almost overwhelmingly "no". I can see Henry Rollins as the kind of guy who can get up in front of a group of people and give you the answer, good or bad. This is often political suicide, but I would love to see it all the same. I don't trust any of the candidates. Henry Rollins is someone I think I could trust to be honest with us.

I find it funny that this post is finally gathering a little attention now. It went pretty much unnoticed when I wrote it, but now the debates are heating up, and I think that more people disgusted with the establishment are coming out of the woodwork. Maybe there's still hope.

I at least intend to write in Henry in the next election, whether it's a futile gesture or not.

Kenny Bales said:

I say Greg Graffin for Pres w/Rollins as VP. Been pushing that ticket for years. Reason Hank wouldn't be a good President, IMO, is I think he lacks a certain amount of restraint that is necessary for successful diplomacy. I've met the guy. I thnk he's a Legend. But Graffin would do well as a strong silent type, which would keep our enemys guessing...and we'll always have enemys, no matter what.

Nanette said:

Hey its Nanette again - and btw I am 45 and my 16 yo daughter is a huge Rollins fan, of her own doing, not much influence on my part, really! We just got tix to see Henry in Tampa on 9/22 - 2nd row, and my daughter is already working on making a tshirt to wear - HENRY 4 PREZ! yeah!

Nanette said:

sorry i had date wrong. its 9/29. 2nd row too - I wonder if Henry will see her T?

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