Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Dumbass Christian F*ckhead

Yes you, dumbass Koran burning preacher.  I'm talking to you.  Fuck you.  Burn Korans, don't burn Korans, doesn't matter now, the damage is done.  The goddamn President of the United States HIMSELF asked you to back down, but apparently God put it on your heart to act like a moron racist fuckhead redneck fuck up.  Interesting God you have there. 

Yes, the damage is already done.  The bad guys have taken your words and are using them to recruit more bad guys.  They're convincing people a half a world away that America is in a holy war against Islam.  Hm, they sound kindof like you, ya know.

So thanks.  For the increased danger to our troops abroad (including one of my oldest friends), for the deaths that will occur from the elongation of the Afghanistan conflict (already our longest war EVER), for your superior skills in portraying America as a bunch of dumbass racist bigoted religious extremists to the rest of the world, FUCKIN' THANKS, DICKHEAD. 

If there was ANY doubt in my mind prior to this about the existence of God, you've finally convinced me.  There couldn't possibly be a supreme being out there watching over us all who would allow your kind of bullshit to go on in his name.  If he did, what a piss poor lame ass excuse for a god. 

Or perhaps there is a god and you really do speak for him, which explains why he hasn't reduced you to a pile of smoldering ash. Worship a narrow minded hateful childish racist bigot of a god?  I'll pass.

I'll take my chances with Atheism, thanks.


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