Monday, September 14, 2009

The New Face of Conservatism in America

These were seen at a recent "Tea Party".  The stated goal from the 9/12 website (Glenn Beck's little project):


Reconcile that with the reality of hate and intolerance:


Comparing Obama to Hitler.  Seriously?  Hitler?  Please, oh please somebody try to justify that one to me.  I'm just itching to have a go at somebody with that low of an IQ.


Comparing Obama to Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Castro.  Ignorance knows no bounds. 


I'm pretty sure threatening the President's life is a felony.  Slogans like this are supposed to unite the country?


Heil White Supremacist Moron!


This one doesn't deserve a comment.  The bearer is a waste of oxygen.


If Fred Phelps showed up to the funeral of one of her loved ones, Maybe she would have an idea how distasteful that sign is.  Then again, probably not. 

These people make me sick.  The only thing missing here are white hoods and a burning cross.

Glenn Beck, go fuck yourself.  Would you please find another country in which to peddle your hate, lies, and fear-mongering?  We're all stocked up here.

These people's hate speech is, unfortunately, protected by the Constitution, the same document they seem to believe Obama is subverting.  It protects the morons too.  Where were they when Bush started chopping out the parts of the Constitution he didn't like?  Did they march then?  They have no clue that if things had continued the way they had under Bush for a few more years, they likely would no longer even have THAT right.  One has to wonder if they've even read it.

This is the face of modern "conservatives" in America.  If you're a conservative, take a long look.  If you feel disgusted, congratulations, you're still human.  Please rethink your convictions and stop listening to idiots.

If you don't feel disgusted by this, get help. And please never vote again.


  1. you know? your rant wins ;)

    i was starting to frantically think only in russia as always freedom of speech is used by mean ppl

    here's my 5 cents in sketching stupidity landscape

    so one day i woke up to learn from local corrupted newspaper that our new mayor is selling the city to chinese (?!)
    those who've lived here long enough are aware that this newspaper is quite a trash, supporting bandits and anyone with money (as our previous mayor was)
    but the thing'd happened - they've gone online (with money stolen from the city budget last year before the privious mayor got finally accused)
    so the news got aggregated over the russian speaking part of the Internet

    and a lot of ppl thought that was true and to get to those ppl authors put the article with racist slogans in different online communities, and that worked pretty well :(

    but all the real material is online on the city hall official web-site but it's BIG 170 pages long with digits and grids and there's no word about China (except that it's our fast developing neighbor) - its a constructive document to present a way to revive our economics - but now everyone hates it (not even reading just from lame online article)

    so we have long text no one wants to read and provoking headline with fabricated scandal material inside and tones of phone calls from ppl with the following: we know you are hiding materials from us...

    cause it's kinda biological to think that there are some OTHERS that make our life miserable and there's HE/SHE/IT to get blamed for that
    and this biological thing is used by advertisers, political technologers etc

    and it's so sad to see Internet that was a place for free thought become a place for brainwashing

    cause you know authority is evil and concealing by definition and journalists... are they holy? (i can't even type that bs about sold out typists)

    but information is the real power and journalists are those with tools, media, qualification and very often without heart and conscience

    i'm sorry it's not a rant it's kinda cry
    but i can't rant at home - cause i work for that city hall and my words would look as if i'm paid for that and it all sounds paranoid and realy feels paranoid so i need just to get it out
    and i still hope there are normal ppl who really want to build things not mass minds and they'll see through that really frustrating bs

  2. Thanks. Your story is fascinating, and unfortunately seems to illustrate some things that seem to be universal truths.

    1) Most people (I know this is true of Americans, and judging by your story we're not alone) don't dig into facts. They want the reader’s digest version (e.g. the short meme version). This allows others who know the facts to hide them behind slogans. This happens here primarily with Fox News, and it’s how these people get wound up. They don’t know the truth. If they did, they’d be marching for the opposite cause. The propagandists get people like this marching for exactly the cause that will do them the most harm. The poor marching against policies that will benefit the poor. Isn’t that insane? It’s like Martin Luther King speaking out against equal rights! This is how they do it, and their propaganda and slogans never hold up under the light of facts. Fortunately for them, very few people are interested in inconvenient things like facts.

    2) Those with money and power have the ability to make the most noise, and also usually have the most to hide. They hide the truth using memes and slogans. Over here, it’s “Socialized Heathcare” etc. etc. The people protesting socialized healthcare don’t even know what it means. If they did, they would want it. It’s not the billionaires out there marching. They’re the only ones benefitting from what we have now. Every other industrialized nation in the world has figured this out, but in America we glory in our own stupidity.

    Feel free to rant here any time you feel like (after all, I do ;))