Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act

Wendell Potter is a former vice-president of Cigna.  One day he had an attack of conscience and chose to expose the insurance industry's practices.



I had to share this too.  It came, from all places, from a commenter on Sarah Palin's facebook page.


  1. Socialism, Communism, Fascism...they all in -ism so they are the same!!

  2. I going to assume that was a joke. It can be hard to tell these days :)

  3. Ha ha yeah, you assume correctly. That video was pretty ridiculous. It's depressing to think there are people that prejudiced in this country. Though to be fair, you could probably find equally moronic people on the left as well.

    I like your site dude. I found it maybe six weeks ago and although I consider myself to be a pretty moderate liberal, I enjoy reading it. I tend to agree with most of what you say (especially after videos like that) and even when I don't at least I get great ammunition to needle stupid Republicans with.

  4. Awesome, glad to hear it! Don't let the bastards bring you down!

    If you're into podcasts, check out "Blast the Right". While the guy occasionally tends to devolve into left-wing nutjob conspiracy theories, 90% of the time he's dead on and very carefully documents his sources, which come from fairly reliable (or at least not liberally biased) sources.

    The trick is to listen critically, something conservatives aren't very good at.