Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Cowboy, where art thou? (part deux)

You may have noticed a serious drop in the frequency of posts on the goodness we refer to as Another Idiot with a Blog.  There's a reason for that.  I'm sure it's a good one.  I'll let you know when I think of it.

The truth is about every couple of years I seem to re-invent myself.  It's not intentional, it just happens.  Usually after a breakdown of some kind

I'm going to be focusing on something else for a while.  Don't worry, loyal legions of Cowboy-ites, the Cowboy is not gone.  The wisdom you need is still contained within the posts of this blog and will not go away (again), and I'll still be back from time to time to impart more wisdom your way.  You'll be angry at first, you might even turn away from your faith, but you cannot resist the Cowboy.  He's not just a man, he's a freakin' force of nature, baby!  You'll be back.

I'm working on another blog at the moment.  The reason is I'd like to be taken seriously for once, and let's be honest, that ain't happenin' here.  For those who care, post a message or send me an e-mail.  If I like you and want you to know where it is, I'll tell you.  If not, I'll fart in your general direction, you silly English kanigot. (If you don't get the quote, I can't help you). 

I'm also spending a lot of time with my new Zune.  If I had only known how easy it makes it to follow podcasts, I would have gotten one years ago.  And it probably would have been an iPod.  Then I would have gotten angry at just how shittily Apple software runs on a PC, and chucked it against the wall.  Then I would have taken the shattered remains back to the Apple store demanding a refund.  There would have been an awful row after the resident Apple "genius" calmly explained to me that you can't return a smashed iPod, as the smashing of said iPod voids the warranty of said iPod.  It's right there under paragraph 411 subsection 831 part b, where it states that willful destruction of the iPod is cause for termination of the warranty.  Yelling loudly that the crappy iTunes software brought my poor PC to it's four year old knees and eventually caused it to blue-screen itself in despair and that they should give restitution for the pain and suffering I've endured as a result probably wouldn't help.  *sigh* That's Apple for you.

I've mentioned before that I've been quite interested in XNA, despite my complete inability to produce a working game.  It turns out that if you subscribe to the Channel 9 podcasts tagged XNA, most of them were done by Mr. Rory Blyth (so far, anyway).  Who knew?  That guy's everywhere.  I wonder how I could get him to move to the Midwest and come to work where I work?  I'd move to Portland, but the whole moving thing didn't work so well last time.  We're not talking about that anymore.

So, farewell for now, my lovely fans.  I love you all too!  Don't despair!  Go forth and live eventful lives, and always say: WWCD? 

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