Monday, February 25, 2008

XBox Live Community Arcade. Wicked Cool!

I've been halfheartedly following the GDC '08 conference that was going on last week.  Following it because I wished I was there, halfheartedly because I was jealous that I wasn't.  Many cool announcements were made, and most, as far as I can tell, by Microsoft.  The one I found the coolest was the announcement of XBox Live Community Arcade

The Community Arcade is a way that wannabes just like me can write and distribute games over XBox Live to other players.  They've already got a few samples you can download.  My favorite is JellyCar.  I dig it because all of the sound effects were done by some guy with a microphone.  That's what my first game will most likely sound like.

If you've been following this blog at all, you know that I just bought an XBox, and that I've been a wannabe game programmer since approximately age 10.  Short of announcing my age, let's just say that a really freakin' long time.  I downloaded XNA Game Studio and started playing with it.  A bit dissatisfied with how stuff ran on my PC, I bought the Creators Club membership so I could deploy stuff to the XBox.  If I can just take a moment here... I deployed a game I compiled (didn't write however) to the XBox and set a break point.  Far out, man.  Hot

It takes so little to please me.

I've been wondering exactly how I would distribute a game I developed for XBox.  Just in time, the folks over at XNA created a way to do it.  I don't know if it's a charge-money-for-it kind of proposition or not, but I'm not too concerned.  I'm not doing it for money.  Money is nice, but I already have a day job. 

There was another cool announcement too.  Starting with XNA 3.0 you can target the Zune as a platform.  Yuh huh, you can play games on the frikkin Zune.  You can write games for the frikkin Zune!

Add to Cowboy's shopping list: One Zune, black.  Microsoft has sooo much of my money....

Now, there's just one thing left, actually write a game.....

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