Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What I wanted to say…

What I wanted to say:

You suddenly decided (on no less than Christmas Eve) that you can no longer keep my son’s dog, and that unless I immediately take him you’re going to put him in a (non-no kill) shelter. I not only offered to drive out to your house to get him but did, where you refused to answer the door. I gave you the option of leaving him at my parent’s house, but you ignored all of that and informed me that you were leaving him in a house that neither of us have any legal right to enter anymore due to your refusal to pay the mortgage and the house being repossessed, forcing me into a situation whereupon I must commit criminal trespass in order to prevent my son’s dog from starving to death even though I warned you beforehand not to do that. My only resolution possible was to call the local police and report the situation to them, whereupon they allowed me to retrieve my son’s dog. On Christmas Eve.

Explain to me again how I’m the one being unreasonable here.

What I actually said:



You can’t argue with batshit crazy.


  1. :( So that's what happened. I guess she's probably trying to get at you somehow, but really in the end that would hurt your (and her) son the most. WTF indeed. Calling the police and getting the dog were probably the best things you could do given the circumstances.

  2. Yes, it's been about revenge the entire time.