Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stupid Round Up #1

Someone said I haven’t been posting. She’s right, but I’ll be honest, I don’t have much to say. The stupid coming from the religious right is really the same stupid it’s always been. They don’t really come up with new stuff much. On the crazy psycho ex wife bitch front, more of the same crazy there.

The problem is that while there’s still an assload of crazy out there, it’s the same old shit. There’s just more of it lately.

So just for fun I went perusing YouTube and found a handful of videos that were so stupid I laughed. Some of them might be parodies, but Poe’s Law makes it hard to tell. Here they are.

The answer couldn’t possibly be “3000 year old goat herders with no concept of modern science.”

This is why Logic and Critical Thinking should be required classes in public education. I would bet money that the religious right would fight it if someone tried.

I really hope that one is a spoof.

Actually this one was more painful that funny. The stupid actually truly does burn. Help me…. I want to rebut this one so badly, but I have to remind myself of the futility of such action.

Ok, the only political entry. The spin is high but the insanity is low. The main thing that caught my eye was… well, two things. Damn. I mean DAMN! Does the fact that I’m not really sure what she was saying make me a sexist? It’s weird how she actually kinda makes me want to vote Perry.  Almost.

Ok, it’s Family Guy, but it’s funny anyway and fits the theme.

Feature = Related

A production with a little money to it. Yet the stupid is thicker than ever. OW OW OW OW OW BURNING OW OW MAKE IT STOP!!!

Ah, the classic Ray Comfort banana argument. If, by chance, this one is new to you, I’ll clue you into the answer. Bananas don’t occur naturally.

Ok, this one isn’t stupid, it’s smart. It’s well produced. It’s by one of my favorite speakers, The Thinking Atheist. Let’s say I put it here for balance, if you can call it that.

Well, that’s enough for me, I’m driving.

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