Saturday, July 2, 2011

Should math be taught in schools?

Recently all Miss USA candidates were asked if evolution should be taught in schools. 

The actual answers. Watch at your own peril.

The answers were varied, and most overwhelmingly indicated that they did not personally believe evolution. That’s an appalling statement on American education and the iron grip the religious right holds over our country.  While there were a couple of definite “yes” answers, many “yes” answers were of the variety “well we should teach both sides”. It’s such an appalling state that so many believe there’s “two sides”.  If we teach whatever anybody believes, we must also include creation stories from Hinduism, Daosim, Pastafarianism, Raelianism, and so on.  It’s not just evolution and the Abrahamic faiths.  Evolution differs from all of the creation stories in one important respect: It has evidence.  It’s science. It’s not faith based. We should not teach religion in schools, but we should teach science. Creationism in all it’s varied forms (including Intelligent Design) is RELIGION. Period.

Consider this from another angle: what if the question was “Should we teach Math in schools?”

I think we should teach both sides: Math and … um, not-math.


  1. I don't know man, math is kinda evil. And the constitution specifically says that I have the right to smash my brains against the side of my skull. You're such an asshole.

  2. 1 point for being entertaining. 0 points for stating the obvious (I'm an asshole).