Saturday, May 1, 2010


I recently pointed out somewhat facetiously that the number of death threats towards President Obama is 400% higher than the number of death threats towards President Bush (II) during his term.

While there's a subtle understated fact that the irrational anger against him is reaching a frightening level, I put it somewhat ironically, stating that of course fewer people threatened Bush.  He was the only thing standing between us and Cheney as president!

It was in somewhat bad taste I admit, and I completely glossed over the fact that this completely debunks the right's claims that the anger against Bush was just as extreme.  As an aside, Bush gave us some very good reasons for being angry at him, but I've been through that before. 

Someone pointed out the 2007 movie "Death of a President" as evidence of how much more extreme it was against Bush. I've never seen this movie, but I have to say now that I'm aware of it, I'm intrigued.  It obviously has some moral undertones to it, but the plot sounds fascinating.  What if Cheney really had become president?  How much worse might it have been?  And this hardly seems like a Bush hate movie.  It actually looks quite thought provoking.

The movie synopsis, though, reminded me about the Patriot Act of 2001.  There were so many contemptuous acts committed by the Bush administration, that it's sometimes hard to remember all of them, but this one is important.  This was the point at which our civil rights began to be eroded.  If you don't remember, go read up on it.  Right now.  I'll wait.

Seriously now, how is that NOT a big step towards fascism?

And this is the part that confuses me.  The Tea Party marches and shouts "Obama is a Fascist", he's "destroying the Constitution" and "eroding our civil rights".  These claims were all made over health care reform. 

Can some right-winger please explain to me how health care reform is more fascist, more unconstitutional, and violates our rights more than the Patriot Act?  If you can't (and you won't, just admit it), then where were you when this happened?  Why no marches then?

Have we all really gone THAT mad?

… what's that?  Do I hear crickets?

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