Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Republican record so far…

The Republicans make it hard to not side with the Democrats.  I'm NOT a Democrat and I have serious issues with them, including Obama, but I have to side with them because my only other choice is to side with the party that stands for everything I'm against.

The Republican Progress Report.

  • Label an attempt to fix a broken health care system that is resulting in as many as 44,000 deaths per year as Socialist/Communist/Fascist/some-other-ist: Succeeded.
  • Get the Democrats to pass 161 Republican-sponsored amendments to Health Care Reform that weakens the bill in an attempt to get bi-partisan support, then don't vote for it: Succeeded.
  • Employ Dick Armey and FreedomWorks to manufacture the "Tea Party", an angry "grass roots movement" that calls everything that doesn't benefit multi-billion dollar companies Communist/Socialist/etc. etc.: Succeeded.
  • Get Fox News to promote the "Tea Party" as a legitimate movement instead of a corporate designed opposition to legislation that helps Americans and is detrimental to multi-billion dollar companies profit margins: Succeeded.
  • Stop Health Care Reform legislation that will help 30 million Americans get health coverage and possibly not die: Failed.
  • Oppose Financial Reform that restricts multi-billion dollar banks from becoming "too big to fail" and prevents them from engaging in the risky but lucrative practices which previously led to the economy imploding: In Progress.
  • Pass a law requiring all people who "look like illegal immigrants" (e.g. Mexicans) to carry papers while in the state of Arizona in an attempt to look "tough on immigration" while labeling opponents of this obvious civil rights violation as "weak on immigration": Succeeded
  • Oppose Obama on EVERYTHING: In Progress.

Good job guys.  At this rate you just might get another maniacal war monger in the white house by 2012.  You do know that if you guys stopped being buttholes for five minutes, there would actually be time to level plenty of fair criticisms against President Obama.

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